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The Short But
Sweet Version

I’m Charlotte, an English native speaker from beautiful Northumberland, UK. For the last seven years, I’ve been living in Berlin and working as a copywriter and SEO content manager.

And I love my job! I love getting to know new businesses and being part of their online expansion. Whether it’s helping a small start-up get their first online sale or helping an already established company rank higher in SERPs – it’s very rewarding.

I like the challenge of writing for different industries, whilst constantly adapting to the ever-changing demands of Google.

It’s also nice that I only need my laptop to work (and probably my glasses and a strong cup of coffee).

About Me

The Slightly Longer Version

So, to be precise, I was brought up in beautiful Northumberland in North East England.

When I was 18 I went travelling around Asia, which is where I first started blogging. Thank goodness that blog is now nowhere to be found – no one wants to read the embarrassing musings of a teenager in a foreign country or how groundbreaking Pad Thai is.

After travelling, I went to university at UCL in London, where I studied German and linguistics.

I worked as a ski instructor for a year in Innsbruck and then graduated and went on to study English language with the intent of becoming an English teacher. Which I did. I worked at schools and universities in London, Bali and Frankfurt before moving to Berlin, where I now live.

After a while, I realised I wanted to spend less time in the classroom and more time writing.

I'm a big foodie and love collecting recipe books and trying out new dishes.

I also love travelling and spend a lot of my time in Spain or researching where to go to next. Plants are another big love of mine – I had over 25 in my flat the last time I counted!

I don’t have many hates except for red roses, flan, single-use plastic and blonde-haired men running countries.

So, if you’d think we’d work well together, get in touch using the form below. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


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